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The "Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence" in 2010 tried trampling the constitution and the rights of individuals to open carry in States where it is legal (like Washington) in certain Mega Company Coffee shops, and initiated a campaign to intimidate the company called "Guns and Coffee?" with the logo to the left here as their rallying symbol they set about gathering their nefarious forces for an all-out assault on this company, their customers, shareholders and employees trying to force them to deny access to citizens exercising their second amendment rights under and within Federal and State LAW.

The radical action of a threatened boycott by the Brady Campaign force the hand of gun owners everywhere who in 2010 organized a BUYCOTT of this coffee juggernaut.  Gun owners purposefully went out of our way to BUY from this company to show our support and to do it while openly carrying our weapons.  We turned their FROWN upside-down!

From 2010 to 2021 we have shown this iconic northwest coffee company that we DO care about our rights, and that we do care about their support of Constitutional principles & the rule of law.  

As a part of this program, I Love Guns and Coffee of Washington created the symbol seen here to counter the radical left wing Brady Campaign and now offer this "unique parody" of their failed rallying cry on select products for sale as a sign of freedom and to show that in fact we do love both our Guns and our Coffee.  NOTE: Our parody products are not endorsed or promoted by Starbucks, Inc. and we make no statement of claim to their trademark or trade-dress.  Parody is protected First Amendment speech, even when used in commerce.  Thank God we live in a free country.  

And thank you to our Northwest Coffee Giant for not yielding to the whims of a radical left-wing organization and letting freedom ring throughout the land in your stores.  The REAL news of the day - 200+ MILLION legally owned firearms in the USA today didn't hurt anyone, but you will NEVER hear that from the lame stream press.

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